Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doing College Food Right…Or Wrong

Three days in one post…let's do this. It's actually not that difficult of a task. My life hasn't been that interesting which is a-okay with me.

On Monday, I took a rest day. After work, I went to OSU to return my books from the semester. I grabbed dinner at the Panera Bread I frequented quite often during my undergrad years as I lived only a block away.

I eat a tad healthier now than I did back then. No more cream of broccoli soup in bread bowls. Mmmm, maybe that will be my next post-race meal. But for now, it's clean eating...

Greek salad w shrimp and chicken noodle soup

On Tuesday morning, I had personal training. Justin is loving these intervals lately, and I'm secretly loving them too. Five pushups, 10 hamstring dead lifts, 20 slams of the ropes, repeat. I had to see how many rounds I could do in 5 minutes and got through 6. Ouch…

20 minutes on the StairMaster
6 minute cool down on the Elliptical (I had to get to work) 

This morning I woke up early to take my brother to the airport. He's off to the land down under. I may have cried on the ride home…

After work, I went to Barre3. After learning to love morning workouts, exercising at 7pm takes a little motivation, but I do love stretching out after a long work day. I guess I just have to work out twice a day from now on…just kidding!

After Barre 3, I took a quick walk around the neighborhood and saw this lovely sunset. It's great that it stays bright so late here... 

What was your favorite place to eat at in college? 

How are you working out this week?

Farthest place you've traveled to? I've been to Europe twice. 

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