Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cap City Fitness Expo & Pre-Race Fuel

Happy Race Day! I ran the Cap City Quarter Marathon this morning. It was 6.55 miles, which was the perfect distance, but more on the race later!

Racing makes me so happy...

I went to the race expo downtown Friday after work. Everything moved pretty smoothly. The expo wasn't as spread out as the Rock N Roll expo, so it was a little crowded, but the more the merrier…

My friend was racing with me, so I wandered around for awhile waiting for her to get off of work. While walking, I ran into one of my best friends…Brooks…

Brooks girl for life

And then made a little impulse purchase. I've been so hesitant to leave the Pure Flow 2's behind, but the Pure Flow 3's felt perfect on my feet - I had to have them, and they were on sale! I can't wait to run in these...

Why can't I quit you?!

After the Expo, we met our friends for dinner at Spagio in Grandview, and the food was amazing. I ordered the salmon with asparagus and it came wrapped in some sort of wonton paper. It was such a great pre-race meal!

And of course, you cannot go to a restaurant in Grandview without stopping at Jenis. It's proven that you run faster if you eat ice cream the night before. Look it up...

Dark chocolate/Vanilla bean greatness

Who is racing this weekend? 

What was your last impulse purchase? 

Best pre-race meal?

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