Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cap City Quarter Recap - No Expectations & Champagne

I ran the Capital City Quarter Marathon this morning, and it was awesome. Cap City hosted three races - the Half Marathon, the Quarter and the 5K. The half marathon distance is my favorite, but the quarter is now a very close second.

I ate my normal pre-race meal. Sometimes I do a rice cake and other days a slice of toasted ezekiel bread. Today I was feeling toast…

This was the first race my college roommate E and I have ever ran together. She's the girl that got me into running while we were in college, so I basically have her to thank for everything right in my life…

14,000 strong…

This race was so great because I had absolutely no expectations going into it. Since I'm still recovering from muscle imbalance issues, I had a run/walk plan in my head, and I sort of stuck with it. Around the halfway mark, my quads tightened, and I felt myself slowing down, so I told E to run ahead, and I walked for 30 seconds. I ran again at a 9:45 ish pace until I hit a hill at the 4.7 ish mile mark, then walked one more hill at the 5.7 mark and sprinted to the finish. 

The Capital City

This was the first race in a long time that I finished strong and pain free - my last few races have been Halves. It was a great feeling. My run/walk-a-little plan had me still finish in just over an hour with a 9:45ish pace (my Garmin said 9:50/official time said 9:42). Not too shabby…


Avg Pace

They were passing out champagne after the race, so Cap City is definitely my new favorite race. Why don't all races do this?!

Cheers to us!

We then went to brunch at Grand Day Cafe which is my other favorite thing to do. Brunch and running just go together…

I rested and ran errands the remainder of the afternoon and spent time with the lacrosse balls I bought at Target to get at those hard to reach muscles…

And I didn't run 13.1 today, but I thought it was time to get the decal on my car. Please ignore the fact that my car is in desperate need of a wash...

If you raced this weekend, how did it go?

Do you run/walk, walk/run, just walk, or just run?

Best post race meal? 

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