Friday, May 2, 2014

Melanoma Awareness Month - Please Get Checked!

Happy Friday! I was up at the crack of dawn for my physical therapy consultation only to be called 15 minutes later and told my therapist called in sick. I guess I'll blog instead.

First I want to mention that I received a few comments yesterday from concerned friends over my weight loss post. I promise that my only plan is to tweak a few things to perform at my best. Healthier eating, faster runner, toner body - that's all. I am not taking any extreme measures to fulfill unrealistic expectations or an unhealthy body image. I sincerely appreciate everyone keeping me in check.

Speaking of healthy, I went to my new dermatologist yesterday to have my spots checked…

I had an atypical mole removed about two years ago and should be getting checked once a year. They found one more yesterday and removed it for testing. I should find out next week if further surgery is necessary. May is Melanoma Awareness Month, and I can't stress enough how important it is to get your skin checked. And please wear sunscreen!

After the doctor, I got lost driving home (it's 8 miles away - nice job, Kate), so I stopped in a parking lot to use my map app, and lo and behold there was a Starbucks. Don't mind if I do…

After work, I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I wanted to play around with speed, so while it's not the most exciting of runs, the treadmill is efficient for speed work. Average pace - 9:30, but a few .25 miles were done in a 8:57/minute mile. Getting closer! 

After my run, B and I went to Barre3…again. We're officially addicted. I'm going to be really sad when this unlimited monthly runs out and I have to turn to organ donations to afford class…

And a little something to make you smile on this Friday. One of the running bloggers I follow, NYCRunningmama, posted this gem on her twitter account the other night. Frozen + running = awesomeness…

Do you get your skin checked regularly? 

Do you do most of your speed work on a treadmill or outside? 

"Do you want to run a 5K?" :) 

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