Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Part 1

Happy start of Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! I flew to NYC this weekend for a little R&R. I was up hours before the sun again on Thursday, and everyone and their grandmother was flying out of Columbus at the same time…

I feel like I've been living at CMH these past few weeks. I guess I'm now bi-regional…is that a thing? Bi-coastal definitely sounds cooler…

Leaving on a jet plane

I ate my normal healthy oatmeal/black coffee breakfast in Chicago. Traveling is no excuse to eat unhealthy. Plus, the line for McDonalds was ten times longer than the line for oatmeal - bonus!

On Thursday night, the Bestie, boyfriend and I ate at this Hibachi place up the street from their apartment. I haven't had hibachi in a while, and the food was so good! 

I worked from the Bestie's apartment on Friday and was in charge of her dog. If I had any desire to get a dog before this weekend, I don't now. I'm sure Stella is relieved. These things are A LOT of work…

We met my dad for dinner at Ulysses downtown to celebrate his birthday. Claims as an appetizer and salmon with seafood risotto. Yum

It's been rainy in NYC the last few days, but there are worse things in life than a rainy New York…

Have a great Saturday, everyone! We're seeing a Broadway show today and then heading down the Shore (ugh, I'm officially a down the shore person) to spend MDW with the family. 

What are your MDW plans? 

Do you own a dog? 

How are you sweating this weekend? I've been walking a lot since being in the city, but I am planning to run when I'm in NJ. 

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