Monday, May 5, 2014

Refueling Like A Champ & Physical Therapy Day 1

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you all had a nice rest of your weekend. E and I decided to celebrate Saturday night as if we had ran the Half Marathon and not for an hour at a somewhat easy pace. Don't let the four straws deceive you - this was all for us.


Celebrating Tres De Mayo at La Fogata...

On Sunday morning, the girls and I traveled to Barre3 in Powell for a class with Master Trainer Harper Kalin. She is based out of Portland, but spent some time in Columbus this week. Harper took Barre3 to the next level - I'm still sore. 

Sunday Funday

After sculpting our abs until our bodies were shaking, we went to Trader Joe's for a long overdue shopping trip (for me). I finally bought some Coconut oil, as everyone is talking about the amazing beauty benefits. I smelled a little like I was about to be cooked in a stir fry, but my legs were definitely moisturized. I'll keep trying...

I hung out with my usual Sunday night buddies…aka Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen...

This morning I was up bright and early for a different kind of PT - Physical Therapy! Everything I've been told so far has been exactly what I thought my problem was - weak hips, weak glutes, quad dominant. 

The coolest thing my therapist did was place a chalk line down the center of the treadmill and told me not to have my feet cross over the center line. I couldn't do it! It was such an eye opener that I basically cross my legs when I land, causing my IT band to stretch. Eureka! So now it's time to work on strengthening and fixing my running form. And the best part is I get to keep running. Happiness! 

After work, I hopped on the StairMaster for the normal 32 minute blast...

The girls and I went back to our Barre3 studio tonight, and they were handing out free juice samples. Beet, carrot/ginger, and Kale. All were good, but I liked the carrot/ginger the best!

And there's nothing like refueling post workout with chocolate. I love these chocolate/banana treats. I also snagged a few pieces of pineapple...

Refueling like a champ

Favorite thing you ate/drank this weekend?

Have you tried coconut oil?

Favorite juice flavor? 

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