Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shaking Up Juices & Workouts

It's not throwback Thursday, but TimeHop sent me this notification yesterday. 2 years (and 1 day) ago I PR-ed at the Long Branch Half (2:05). I'm much more fit today than I was then, so it's nice to know that I have some great PRs ahead of me…

I got my juice on yesterday…sorta. I wasn't willing to give up an entire day of real food, so I tried this juice as my late morning snack. You have to be careful when juicing, as many do contain a lot of calories. This particular juice is under 200 calories, so it was the perfect snack. Check labels!

As far as the taste, I standby my statement that vegetable juices taste like vegetables. Lucky for me I like my veggies, but it takes some getting used to. This one tasted like beets, ginger and apple. Shocker. But I enjoyed it!

Tuesdays have been rest days the past few weeks, but yesterday before Barre3, I decided to test some of my physical therapist's running tips. It was so beautiful outside so I decided to run up and down this street. I found lines in the street and attempted not to have my feet cross over. I only ran for about a mile, but it was fun to try something different…

I left my Garmin at home as I had no plan to run, so I used my MapMyRun app while I was practicing...

What's your favorite brand of juice?

What's one thing motivating you this week?

How do you shake up your workouts?

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