Monday, May 19, 2014

Sub 9 Minute Miles…Finally!

That's more like it Mother Nature! After an elliptical session on Saturday, my legs were ready for a run on Sunday. To the track for speed work!  

For someone who has not hit consecutive sub 9 minute miles since last September, I may have teared up a little when this run was over...and not from pain. Pure, pure joy! 4 miles at a 8:45 average pace. I sprinted the straights and kept a decent pace on the curves…

Avg Pace

It feels so great to be running fast (for me) again. I cannot wait to see what this summer holds. Post run iced coffee was the perfect cherry on top...

Shameless outfit of the day selfie because I definitely do not wake up like this. And I wear workout clothes a lot, so when I put on real clothes, it's a moment...

My aunt's birthday was on Friday, so we celebrated during Sunday family dinner…that she cooked. We sorta dropped the ball on that one. London Broil, steamed kale, mushrooms/onions and a baked potato...

I then convinced everyone to go out for birthday fro yo because…well if I have to finish that sentence you haven't been paying attention...

And of course…

I'm a little nervous about the GOT withdrawals when this season is over in less than one month.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? 

Did you crush your workout? 

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