Friday, June 13, 2014

Becoming Fit Buddies With Mom & Friday Favorites

It's definitely a challenge for me to live far away from my parents. I really like that lovable, slightly crazy, duo. I used to visit once a week when I lived in NJ, so being 8 hrs away can be rough. To make the distance a little easier, I go home to visit once a month I am attempting to become "fit buddies" with my mom.

Columbus Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving 2012

My mom works from home and easily gets consumed in her work. Sometimes she forgets to leave the house! This is a no-no in my world, so my goal is to text or call her once a day and ask if she walked around the neighborhood. And if it's raining, they own a treadmill. No excuses. My next goal is to help her find a morning walking group. In the meantime, I'll keep texting. It's definitely a work in progress...

Let's talk some "Friday Favorites"

Rest days! I have busted my booty the past few days and woke up sore and ready for a rest day. My hamstrings were definitely hurting after yesterday's training session, but that just means it's working. I didn't even walk as much today (I got in my 10,000 steps, but no more than that). I'm saving up my energy for another long run tomorrow.

The World Cup. I've never been a huge soccer fan (and I played it!), but I was an out of shape kid, and the last time the World Cup was on, I was an out of shape adult. Now that I am sorta obsessed with all things fitness (Tour De France is in 3 weeks!), I am really enjoying these games.

More celebrity fitness books. I mentioned I'm reading Cameron Diaz's new book, and I just picked up Maria Menounos' new book from the Library as well. I'm excited to read her book because she has an actual success story - she's not just a lucky girl with great genes. Review to come...

Menage a Trois red wine. After a long week, we deserve it!

Carb loading for 6 mile runs. Sushi Fridays are the best Fridays. It is not necessary at all to carb load for an hour run, but sushi makes me happy. I chose the brown rice option - see, healthy. 

Fro-yo. Okay, this is more of a 24/7 favorite, but I only allow myself to have it once a week (and that's probably too much, but oh well.) My favorite fro-yo shop had Mint, so I was basically skipping out of the shop

And last because we're living on a prayer, Go Rangers!

Do you have a fit buddy? How do you motivate each other?

What are some of your Friday Favorites?

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