Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do What You Can & Self Pampering

This week has been all sorts of nuts - and it's only Tuesday! I've been so busy that my DVR is at 79%. It's summer. How did that even happen?

Anywhoo, I'm in a "do what you can" mode this week. Yesterday, I had PT bright and early (yay for scheduled workouts), but I woke up too late to get in any real cardio (boo for being tired from the weekend). I literally had just enough time for half a mile on the elliptical, my training session, and another half mile on the elliptical for a cool down…

Do what you can

A little post workout snack (or breakfast). 1 cup plain greek yogurt, one small yellow peach, 1 tsp of chia seeds and 1/4 cup blueberries…

I went and visited my cousin in the hospital after work (we brought him home today!). He's doing much better, but still in a whole lot of pain. I bought him that awesome balloon :)

I ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's after seeing my cousin. I left before the apple pie was served (greatest will power moment of my life), and I didn't have any wine with dinner, buuuuuuut, I did go to town on my aunt's mashed potatoes. Ya can't win em all...

This morning I woke up and ate some Kashi cereal while catching up on my magazines. I'm up to March, so we're making progress!

I went for a quick run and it turned out much quicker than I anticipated. No, I did not run at an average pace of 7:34/mile. My Garmin was a little out of whack until a quarter mile in (one of my running blogger buddies in Cali said that happened to her yesterday too!), so my first mile registered at 2:34. It was still cool to see that 7 number at the end of the run. I need to work a lot harder to see 7's on my wrist. Oh and it was also the sweatiest run I've had this season. Thank you, 100% humidity... 

And my self pampering moment of the day…I cut off three inches of my hair! I feel like I should go skip through a field or something…

Summer Hair

How are you "doing what you can" this week?

Do you read or watch TV while eating breakfast? 

Fastest mile you ever ran? I ran a not at all planned 7:57 once upon a time on a warm up mile. 

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