Monday, June 30, 2014

Hosting My Parents & My New Workout Buddy

Mom's here! Background story: My mom called me on Friday saying she wanted to come visit my cousin with the broken leg 4th of July weekend, which then turned into she wanted to fly in on Wednesday to see my brother arrive home from Australia, which turned into me telling her to fly in on Sunday night and spend the week with me. And 48hrs later, she's here!

Before mom's arrival, I worked out on the Elliptical on Sunday morning for 56 minutes followed by some ab and weight work. This week will be full of treats, so sweating is super important...

I have never hosted my parents before (Dad arrives on Friday). They always stay at my Uncle's when visiting Ohio, and when I lived in NJ, well, they live there too. So this is brand new to me.

I find grocery shopping for other people an extremely difficult task. This may be a non issue for most of you out there, but I live alone and only buy food for me and Stella girl, so I had quite the time shopping for mom's arrival. I tried to keep it relatively healthy, but also comforting and familiar. She is my guest after all. Dad was very helpful - eggs, bread and milk. Okay then.

Did I buy enough? 

I went to Trader Joe's and bought my usual goodies and some things I have not had in my fridge in over two years. Regular milk - I'm trying to get mom hooked on my Almond milk. It's going okay. Mayonnaise - at least it's organic? English muffins - there's nothing wrong or weird about these. I just don't buy them. It was fun exploring every nook of TJ's to see what fun things I could find.

Who knew?

We woke up this morning and it was a rest day for me, so I made us oatmeal and then we went for the first of many walks throughout the day. It's nice to finally have a walking buddy! 

Work it, girl! 

It was also nice having lunch together. Mom liked my food choices...

Mom's favorite food is Mexican, so we met the girls for dinner at La Fogata. Margaritas and shrimp tacos. Happy Monday!

Mom and I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond on the way home and bought curtains for my bedroom. I've lived here almost one year, and it took one day with mom to have curtains...

Have a great, short work week, friends! 

Do you live near your parents? 

How do you incorporate fitness and food when guests come to visit? 

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