Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jersey Shore Running Problems

I said goodbye to New Jersey this morning...for two weeks. I literally will be back two weeks from right now. What am I doing with my life?! Anyway, I FINALLY got my run in yesterday morning. Just about 7 miles (6.7) along the water. It was much cooler in NJ than I anticipated, but it turned out to be perfect running weather. 70 and sunny…

Avg Pace

And one mile in, I had what I guess you can call "Jersey Shore running problems." So instead of running, you jog in place like a fool until the boat passes...

My dad had Dunkin and fruit waiting for me. He's the best. I also travel with my own oatmeal (because I'm weird)…

And I guess my parents do not eat anymore because there was no food in the house, so lunch consisted of more fruit, tuna and pretzels: The lunch of champions…

The Bestie and I went to the Patio Bar for a couple of drinks before she had to leave for the night. I'm back in two weeks, so she didn't shed too many tears…

I spent the night with my parents, neighbors and family hanging out and BBQ-ing. I was too hungry (apparently) to snap a pic of any of the food, but I did capture this gem of my dad and I. He didn't understand the difference between a selfie and a flash pic, so I took a flash pic to educate him. Looking good, dad…

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Best thing you ate this weekend? That fro yo Friday night was pretty good!

Favorite thing you did? My long run on Saturday.  

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