Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heat & Humidity Beat Long Run Saturday

Happy Sunday, everyone! My brother is back on Wednesday(!), and my mom decided to fly out tonight to spend the week with me (and greet him at the airport). I'm so excited to show my mom all Columbus has to offer - or at least my favorite things like Trader Joe's and my gym. I already snagged her a guest pass :)

Yesterday morning, the humidity levels were sky high, and my 7 mile run turned into a slow and sweaty 5 miler. I was so happy when it was over…and I looked like I jumped in a pool…

I knew I was in trouble starting mile 4, but once I decided to end at 5, I couldn't get there fast enough...

Avg Pace

I brought my water and fuel (I fuel for any runs over one hour), and although I took the fuel with me, I left my water in the car thinking I would only need it once I was done. Rookie mistake! I will be taking my water with me from now on…

Post run, my legs were sore. I am not sure if it was the lack of water - dehydration is not good for the muscles - or if I'm still sore from last week, but I decided to ice bath it up. I was so hot that it actually felt good…

The rest of my Saturday was uneventful, but I did stop at Whole Foods for dinner. This may not be the prettiest spread, but it sure tasted good. Chicken, quinoa, red potatoes, grilled pineapple…I think there is a sliver of an enchilada thrown in there. Whatever, it was good...


How do you run your best when it's hot and humid outside? 

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