Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Saturday In Ohio - Trails & Pools

My second Saturday morning on the trails. I ran the entire distance of the trail which is a little less than a 10K - 6.1 ish miles. I was slow, but kept moving. That's the most important part to me. I don't remember the last time I ran for an hour without stopping. Patience, strength workouts and stretching/foam rolling really work, people!

The hills are the best part of this run. They slow me down, but I can feel my legs getting stronger after every one. Do the hard stuff - it will definitely pay off in the end...

Avg Pace

After my run, I went to the library. I'm a big book nerd and spend way too much money on books, so I finally activated my library card and picked up some pool/sun reading material. 

I don't usually buy into the celebrity health advice thing, because if I had millions of dollars, personal trainers that came to my house and chefs cooking all my meals, I'd look like Cameron Diaz too. With that said, I like her and it's free, so I'm giving the book a try. Maybe there will be a good smoothie recipe. I'll share any fun tips when I'm done reading!

Lunch post workout….

B and I went to our apartment's pool for the first time this summer. It's not the beach, but I'll take it...

Dinner was Whole Foods Sushi and the last of my Skinnygirl Sangria. Bethenny did something right with this Sangria. It's delicious! 

I was out the with friends very late, so today's workout is going to be a struggle. But we do it because it makes us happy. Have a great Sunday, friends! 

How far/fast did you run yesterday? 

Do you take workout/health advice from celebs? 

What did you eat yesterday? 

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