Friday, June 6, 2014

Two Training Sessions & Two Treadmill Runs Thursday

Personal Training twice in one week…don't mind if I do. I enjoy running in this one treadmill area of the gym, but the sunrise always hits me during my runs. Today I was prepared…

I got to the gym a little late - oops for sipping coffee till 7:15 - so I only had time to run for 25 minutes before my training session. Afterwards I ran another mile for 3.5 total miles and all of it felt great. For training, we did TRX exercises, pushups, leg presses, squats, and ab work. My body is looking forward to a walking day today!

So much treadmill action

It was cooler yesterday - low 70's - so I was craving soup for lunch...

After work, I went for a walk with some sugar snapped peas. I swear it's 72 degrees out. My body runs cold, so anything under 75 degrees requires jeans and jackets. I'm coming for you, Southern California!

I baked chicken for dinner and added some to a corn tortilla with avocado and veggies. Healthy tacos...

Another Throwback Thursday was upon us yesterday, so I posted this gem to Instagram. The Bestie and I celebrating our 8th grade graduation 11 years ago. We're so lucky we never went through an awkward phase :) 

What are you making for dinner this week? 

When did you meet your best friend? We've known each other since elementary school, but she invited me to her 13th b-day party and that's when it all began. 

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