Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Beach Boys Concert & Favorite Fitness Apps

Happy hump day, everyone! So last night, I had all my dreams come true and saw The Beach Boys in concert at the Ohio State Fair. Oh and John Stamos - aka Uncle Jesse - was on tour with them. Be jealous…

I've never (that I can recall) been to a State fair before, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Carnival rides and deep fried everything. I didn't have any of the food, but from the looks of my friend's deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it was good. 

Now let's take a 180 and chat about fitness apps (because if you're going to eat the fried buckeyes, you might as well track it). 

I've been using certain fitness applications on my iPhone for a long time to keep me on track. When I first started working out, my go-to was MapMyRun. I then discovered MyFitnessPal to help me track food. Then the Garmin and Fitbit came around. I don't use MapMyRun as regularly now that I have a GPS watch, but I use the other apps on a daily basis. 

I find fitness apps so helpful - especially MyFitnessPal, which now syncs to the Fitbit! It's not 100% accurate - who can really tell you the exact amount of calories in 1 apple - but it gets you in a ballpark range, and that's all I need to succeed. My jeans tell me the rest :) 

Disclaimer: Calories not accurate

Tuesday's workout of the day was 4 speedy miles around the track. I ran a fraction faster than last week, so I'll take it! One of the reasons I blog is to log my workouts, so it's exciting to see that last week's average pace was 8:43 and yesterday's was 8:35. Track your workouts, and watch yourself improve - it's motivating! 

Avg Pace

My best pace at one point was a 7:12/mile. I probably only kept that up for 100m or so, but I felt it. My lungs felt like they were going to bust out of my chest, but people keep telling me that's normal for speed work. 4 miles is becoming my comfort zone, so I'm determined to push myself next week with a 4.5 or 5 mile speed workout. 

And last night's dinner was health-ified summer food. I forgot how good Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers were. One burger on a TJ pita round, 1/4 avocado, 1 tbsp ketchup, asparagus. Enjoy. 

Have you ever been to a State fair? I looked up NJ's, but it was very 4H focused, so I don't think it's quite the same thing. 

Favorite fitness app? 

Do you track your workouts? 

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