Monday, July 21, 2014

A Much Needed Sunday "Run"day

Back to the grind. Just kidding…

After two days off and that 8 hour car drive on Saturday, I needed Sunday's run. 6 hilly miles at the reservoir. The weather app said it was 70 degrees, but I looked like I had just gone for a jump in the river when I was done. They tell me there are places out there with no humidity. I'd like to go there someday…

And hey look, negative splits! Well, almost, but close! I wrote last week about how I often run positive splits when the goal is always negative. It's definitely something I've been working on. My reservoir route is very hilly, so it takes a lot of concentration to make sure I run speedy when the road is flat to save up for those hills when I inevitably slow down a tad. That mile 5 made me really happy. I think I was just ready to finish. Mile 6 had two large hills, so I need to work on that strong finish. Let's just call it a cool down mile :) 

Avg Pace

After my run, I ran (hehe) some errands and then got in a good stretch session. I always always always stretch a little after my runs, but I'm usually hungry and ready for a shower, so I try to make time for a longer stretch session later in the day...

I'm pleased to say that while I enjoyed myself these past two weeks, I wasn't a glutenous mess. I have definitely ate and drank way too much on some of my past visits home - I almost ruined my Memorial Day trip because of poor eating choices. I think because I was on some sort of routine (work, workouts, brought my own food, etc), I did better this time around. 

And because healthy eating is a lifestyle, I made some shrimp with tomatoes, baby spinach, broccoli, asparagus a handful of shelled edamame with a small baked sweet potato for dinner last night. Veggies were the only thing missing while I was away, so I had my fill last night…

More greens please

I relaxed the rest of Sunday by doing a little self pampering. I think I found my "Europe" nail polish…

Just call me Miss Fancy Pants

And a little Sunday treat because we work hard and deserve it. Happy Sunday, everyone! 

Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bar in a cone - cheat clean

How far did you run this weekend? 

Do you eat well when you're on vacation? 

Favorite nail polish brand? Essie! 

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