Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back To Back Running & A Workout Clothes Addiction

I would say, Happy Sunday, but it's Sunday, so eh. I spent Saturday in New York soaking up the local awesomeness. We get it, NY, you're gorgeous...

My friend lives on the Upper West Side, so I love running to and through Central Park. It really is so beautiful and there are different running paths. My go-to route is to start on the main road that runs through the park, then the dirt trails, then the reservoir loop and then back to the apartment along Central Park West. There are A LOT of hills through the park, so it was a tough run, but I loved every step. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective...

Avg Pace

M and I went to brunch afterwards at our trusty spot. Yes, we order the same thing every time…

We did a little shopping and ended up at Lululemon. I think I have a serious problem. I try to excuse it by saying this is my work attire, but…it's not…

We hopped on the train (with one million other people) and trekked down to NJ…

We were so hangry (yes, I meant hangry) when we finally made it to the Shore, so we went to 709 for dinner. The food is a tad pricy, but I have never had a bad meal here. And I've eaten here a lot…

Happy Summer

On Sunday it was cloudy and spit raining, but that didn't keep me from rocking my Mizuno skirt. I never thought I'd be a running skirt kind of girl, but it's my new favorite thing. I may never wear shorts again…

Photo credit: Mom

40 sweaty minutes (humidity is fun) in cloudy weather. The only way my legs will make it through back to back running days is stretching, rolling, more stretching and more rolling. Repeat x10. 

Loving my new Lululemon headband. 

Avg Pace

I only had one little snag during my run. Even on a rainy morning, those boats come and go….

Sunday breakfast was the usual oatmeal (plus fruit) with Dunkin coffee and the Sunday Times. I don't mind being a cliche once in a while...

The sun came out in the afternoon, and the Bestie and I rode bikes to lunch. Coco took a little spin too…

We ate lunch at The Spot - another local place that never disappoints…

Shrimp, spinach, goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts = Heaven

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing with the family, and dad made some yummy chicken for dinner. The nicest thing about being from such a large extended family is that I never have to worry about Sunday family dinners…

Favorite workout/food you ate this weekend? 

Where's your favorite place to run? I love the beach and the city, so I can't choose! 

Favorite workout apparel? I love Brooks, but who can beat Lululemon leggings?

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