Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cross Training Mondays & Planning A Trip

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's a rest day for me, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes it's nice rolling out of bed and putting on real clothes instead of workout wear.

Yesterday was a much needed cross training day. I did a couple of spin classes while in New York (I miss you, Soul Cycle), but I was happy to reunite with the elliptical. A non impact workout is needed from time to time…

53 minutes of cardio followed by weights/ab work while ugly crying to Extreme Weight Loss. That show gets me every time. I only own 5 pound weights, so it's definitely time to invest in a heavier set. I'm proud to say 5 pounds aren't really a challenge anymore. I'm ready for the 8's :) 

Lunch was a Trader Joe's salad and apple. Nothing too exciting, but it was good…

I'm back to walking my neighborhoods in the afternoon. The view's a little different from my walks along the ocean these past couple of weeks…

And my weekly dinner ritual of cooking two chicken breasts and having enough for three days continues. Last night's dinner was chicken in a corn tortilla with salsa and veggies on the side...

And 39 days until Europe! I spend my days working my actual job and my nights planning the itinerary for London and Paris. I'm such a planner, and I want to make sure we don't miss a thing. Let me know all the "must sees" in each city! 

What is your cross training exercise of choice? 

Do you eat leftovers during the week? 

How do you plan a trip to a new city? 

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