Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding New Running Paths & Barre With Friends

My college roommate - the 1/5 of us who does not live in the Columbus area - is visiting this weekend from Chicago, and we are fitting as much fun into 48 hours as possible.

Last night we all went to El Vaquero for a late dinner…and lots of margaritas. I ordered the salmon that was on the special seasonal menu. It was good, but a tad small. They needed more food or a smaller plate. I didn't take one bite before snapping this picture…

I think they forgot the other half of the salmon

Two glasses of wine + two margaritas + small dinner + 5 1/2 hours of sleep = an "eh" Saturday morning run. My plan was to run 7 miles, but I could only manage a little over 5. Dehydration and running do not mix well.

I have been wanting to run the Heritage Trails for months now. I don't like change, but I knew if I ran them once, I would be hooked. And I was right. The trails are about ten miles in length one way, so I plan to run them a whole lot more in the future. The only issue I had today was I started running the wrong direction and had to turn around at 2.5 miles when the trail ended. I was back to my car by mile 5 and decided that was enough for today. Next week, I'll run the longer path. 

One of the happiest things a dehydrated runner can find along the trail. Water fountains are gross, but for some reason after a run, it's the greatest water I've ever tasted…

And a park restroom selfie post run because I'm classy like that…

I met up with the girls for lunch. I really don't eat at Panera enough. The food is so tasty and healthy! I ordered a grilled chicken Greek salad with dressing on the side and an apple…

And then four of us went to a Barre 3 class. It was L's first time, and she rocked it! 

Have an awesome Saturday night, friends! 

Do you prefer to run on the roads or running/biking paths? I love not having to worry about cars…just bicycles. 

What workouts do you do with friends? Group Barre classes are the best! 

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