Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Salt Water Is The Answer & Mixing and Matching Recipes

Happy hump day, everyone. Yesterday turned into a Tuesday rest day, but I still made sure to make my little fitbit vibrate by the end of the day. 10,000 steps everyday. No excuses. I don't normally like walking in my running shoes, but I'm still breaking in the new shoes, so I made an exception. Remember, miles are miles, so you will wear out your shoes quicker if you walk around in them...

After work, I traveled to Red Bank, the town I lived in before I moved to Ohio, and met my friend for dinner. She and I are traveling to London and Paris at the end of the summer (50 days!), and it was so great to catch up and eat yummy sushi and edamame at Teak

All my favorite things in one picture…

After dinner, I walked around the old neighborhood for a little while. NJ gets a bad rap, but it's full of charming towns like Red Bank. Go visit! 

And then I made my way to visit TJ. He's just the best! 

A not-so-fun fact about my parents - love em, but they DO NOT OWN A COFFEE MAKER. Seriously. My mom drinks instant coffee, and my dad buys his on the way to work. So for the past two mornings, I have been drinking hot green tea. I know it's probably healthier, but it just was not cutting it. 

So this morning, I hopped out of bed and made my way to Dunkin. You're welcome, family…

I got creative and ate a very Mediterranean meal for lunch. One pita pocket, two tablespoons of sabra red pepper hummus, half a cucumber and one tomato slice. So good and surprisingly filling…

I do not usually run at night anymore, but since I didn't run this morning, I decided to go for a "longer" run after work. I ran the street that runs along the ocean. The temperature at my house inland was 87 degrees. It was 74 degrees by the water. Awesome... 

"The cure for anything is salt water - tears, sweat or the sea"

Five miles in 48 minutes. The north wind made half the run a little challenging, but I enjoyed every second of it regardless. I'm trying to make my weekday runs a little longer, and of course, that means my Saturday run will be longer as well. I love distance - I'd rather run 10 slower miles than 3 sprinting miles - but my body takes a looooong time to adjust to longer runs. Adding in mileage slowly is best for me...

Avg Pace

For dinner, I played around with recipes in the Runner's World Cookbook. I used the marinade from the Grilled Beef Fajitas recipes, and made chicken tacos instead. The family approved!

Do you know anyone who doesn't own a coffee maker? Just curious. 

How do you add in milage week to week? Do you follow the 10% rule? 

Do you follow recipes or mix them up?

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