Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wear Sunscreen…And Then Go Running

I spent my Thursday morning at the dermatologist. I had a questionable mole partially removed a few months back, and today the doctor saw it had grown back abnormal again. We decided to remove the entire mole so there's no possibility of any additional growth. Not the greatest way to spend a Thursday morning, but I'm happy that I am proactive. Get your spots checked!

After the doctor, I thought I deserved a little treat in the form of a venti iced coffee...

And because I'm a constant PSA…wear sunscreen! I went for a run after work and still made sure to put on sunscreen. If you go outside, sunscreen is a good idea…

I went back to my beloved track today and hung out with the Middle School football team. It was the most beautiful evening for running…

Hashtag No Filter

4 somewhat speedy miles. After my strength training workout yesterday, my hamstrings were sore by mile .25, but I pushed on and hit my goal of sub 9 minute miles…

Avg Pace

I didn't get too fancy and instead did some sort of tempo run. I'm still trying to figure out speed workouts. I usually get really ambitious (I ran 200m last week at a 7:15 pace…yea, okay) and then burn out quickly. Tempo runs are a little easier for me. Run continuously at a slightly less than comfortable pace. Done. Maybe next week I will try an actual speed workout...

After my run, I was ready to eat a small pony so I made a shrimp/quinoa stir fry. 1/4 cup dry quinoa cooked following package directions, 6 large shrimp, 1 cup of TJ stir fry veggies and 6 asparagus. Mix together once quinoa is cooked, and add a little soy sauce. Inhale…

Then eat dark chocolate because it's a superfood and will basically make you immortal…

Last time you had your skin checked? 

Favorite post workout meal? I usually work out in the morning, so I go for hearty oatmeal or eggs. 

What % of dark chocolate can you handle? The Bestie likes 90%. That's too intense for me, so I'm very happy in the 70's. 

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