Friday, July 18, 2014

What's The Statute Of Limitations On PRs?

So guess who didn't drive back to Columbus today. Tomorrow. I swear.

Let's chat about PRs. I'm curious on the statute of limitations for racing records. I took the time yesterday to document my PRs (because I'm weird), and most of them are from 2011 and 2012. To be fair, I haven't raced a 5 or 10K since then, but I'm curious if I can and should still count those as my records.

I'm a few years older and my fitness level and training style is completely different than it was when I first started running. I may be running a little slower, but I'm also running more miles per week. I know I can beat my Half record this year, but that 5K will take some work. I forgot I ever ran a sub 8 minute mile. I got my Garmin at Christmas and it documents your PRs as well. My new 2014 goal is to work on those shorter distances as well as the Half. It's going to be a fun Fall...

First step: speed work. I made a small attempt at speed work yesterday, but was a little ambitious. I ran the half mile to the track, finished my warm up mile on the track, then did 2.5 miles of some sort of speed work - sprint straights, recovery jog curves. The first mile was the best, but my legs were a little tired after that.  I finished by running the half mile back to the house. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is difficult to do, but I'm getting there. 

Avg Pace

After my run, I went to the beach. No complaints.  

My mom, brother and I went to dinner for my "last night in town." Oops. If there is salmon on the menu, I'm getting it…

And your cat of the day pic…

I think she's feeling right at home.

How long do you keep/try to beat a PR? 

What's your favorite speed workout? 

Do you like salmon? I love it, but my dad hates it. 

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