Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Running In The Heat & The Benefits Of Yoga

Mornings are tough. Sometimes you need a little motivation to ensure you get up and out for that workout…

I was awake somewhere between "seriously" and "idiot." 

I had another Tuesday at the track for some speed work. All in all, I was a few seconds faster than last week, but my stomach was aching up again. I had to walk one lap at mile 2.5 before I could start up again. I'm not sure I can count this as a speed workout - maybe it's more of a tempo run - because after my stomach troubles, I couldn't get back into speed mode and just ran a similar pace until I was finished. 

Avg Pace

I'm not that frustrated as my problem is a very simple one - HEAT. I've been running later in the day (don't ask me why) when the heat and humidity have been the worst. I also decided to run a mile in 8:11 - my fastest mile in a long time. Speed + humidity + heat = problems. I'm actually surprised I didn't quit after 2 miles yesterday...

Here's a great article on tips for running in the heat. As you can see, I have not listened to any of them, but I recommend that you do! Here are my favorite tips…
  • Head out early or late
  • Drink more water
  • Slow down! 
Don't do speed work at 12 noon, and you should be just fine. 

I talk about running all day long, but yoga is my other favorite workout. Yoga can really improve your running game, and it's not just for crazy hippies like me. Don't believe me  - read all about it here. You can get a great workout doing a Vinyassa flow, and I find that everything in my life feels more balanced when I practice. Give it a try! 

And remember, practice makes perfect. I can finally as of yesterday hold (with the help of a wall) a forearm stand. Here's a video I posted of me actually getting into the pose. Don't be afraid to use furniture to help you out when you're beginning. It's not cheating! And take your time. No injuries, please. 

How do you motivate yourself to wake up early? 

Do you practice yoga? How often? 

How do you run in the summer heat? 

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