Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some New Favorite Food Discoveries

Hi everyone! It's surreal to me that one week from right now, I will be driving back to NJ to leave for Europe the next day. London and Paris have been on my dream travel list since I was little, and I'm so excited it's almost here!

But since we're still a week away, I'm getting my fitness on with mom. We went to the reservoir yesterday. I ran 4 miles - I was hoping for 5, but it was just too hot out - and mom walked a little over 3. I'm so glad she's getting back into the swing of things!

I ran the trails, and I could feel the temps creeping up as my run progressed. I was happy to hit 40 minutes and call it a day. 

Splits: 9:23, 9:34, 9:45, 10:03 (ouch)

I guess I wiped everyone out because I came up for air after a work meeting and found the two ladies like this…

rough life

I like when my mom is in town, because I get to experiment with cooking new meals. I normally just make myself small dinners, but cooking for two can be a little more interesting. I bought this superfood pilaf at TJ's the last time mom was in town and made it on the stovetop with shrimp. It was so good, and mom approved.

And for dessert, these Yasso greek yogurt pops are my new favorite things! Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite ice cream flavor, and this tastes like the real thing. Well done, Yasso. 

Have a great Thursday, friends! Keep dreaming about how we're basically 16 hours away from the weekend. 

What's your new favorite food discovery? Those pops may have changed my life. 

Do you nap during the day? 

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