Friday, August 1, 2014

Testing My Running Limits & Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's been a long work week, but we made it. Congrats!

The weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, so I decided to get creative with my milage. My original plan for today was a cross training workout and 7 miles tomorrow. I am not a great treadmill runner - 3 miles and I'm ready for the next thing - so in order to not set myself up for failure, I decided to run half my long run Friday and the rest Saturday on the treadmill if necessary.

4 miles of trails on Friday. We've discussed how positive splits are not the best, but that 4th mile made me happy. Wanting to finish is a really powerful motivator. The last minute and a half (goal was 40 minutes) was a straight uphill climb to my car. Not a bad way to start a weekend...

Avg Pace

I'm a little concerned about my plan to run on Saturday, as that will be 5 days of running this week. I haven't ran a 5-day week since almost a year ago, so this will definitely test my body, but I think I'm ready. I've been slowly building up milage and Saturday's run will be short, so fingers crossed! 

And now because who says blogging has to be original, here are some Friday Favorites…

New Whole Foods Finds - Vegan Protein Powder & Quest Bars

More On those Quest Bars - I ate one for lunch today, and it was actually tasty. They are gluten-free, low carb protein bars with only 1-2 grams of sugar depending on the bar. One bar filled me up for the afternoon - not an easy thing to do. 

Handwritten thank you notes - Sure, I spent quite a few pennies at Coach a few weeks ago, but it was still nice receiving this handwritten note from the sales woman wishing me a great trip to Europe…

Coinstar! I found a bag of coins I forgot about and made a few dollars today. It's like found money :) 

When the running gets hard, I think about my favorite stretching spot at the reservoir…

And finally, Sushi Friday night dinners

Have a great Friday night, everyone! 

What are some of your "Friday favorites?" 

Do you run 5 or more days a week? Tell me the ways you stay strong. 

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