Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Long Run Challenge & Workout Recovery Meals

Sometimes the stars align and you have a really good workout session. Or a couple really good workout sessions in one morning. I don't really count Wednesday as two workouts, but I did run 3 miles around my neighborhood and then went to the gym for a personal training session, so it felt like double the goodness.

I woke up early - yesterday's alarms helped me get out of bed - and watched the sunrise as I ran. Getting out of bed is the hardest part, but once I do, I'm so happy I did.

It was also 65 degrees, and even though the humidity was still 94% (not cool, Ohio), I had no tummy issues. It was a great, somewhat speedy (even with positive splits) run. 

Splits: 8:26, 8:49, 9:00

Then I raced (drove very sensibly, mom) to the gym. I did the usual - pull-ups, hamstrings curls, planks (both regular and side), and then we worked my glutes with barre-like exercises. I finished with a 12 minute cool down on the elliptical. 

My trainer told me yesterday that my running pace could be sabotaging my long runs - news to no one, I know, but sometimes it's nice to hear it from one thousand different channels. He really challenged me this weekend to run long and very very slow. I am going to accept this challenge no matter how much those 10 minute miles frustrate me, because I know he's right. Remember, we should be running 60-90 seconds slower than our goal pace. My goal pace is 9:09, which means I should be running every mile of a long run between 10:09 and 10:39. I'm excited to see if I can manage this and then maybe I will be running 10-13 miles without having to sit in ice tubs by the end of the month. 

Post workout meal was oatmeal and iced black coffee. Have I mentioned how much I love owning a coffee maker? 

I worked the rest of the day, and then I made a chicken-quinoa stir fry for dinner. I put in two tablespoons of salsa instead of soy sauce (does that still count as a stir fry?). I think one of the reasons my workouts are going really well lately is because I'm eating right. I'm eating enough healthy calories to sustain my sweat sessions, but I'm also eliminating (or trying to - hello fudge pops) the junk calories that have no nutritional value. Meals like this dinner keep me full until the morning and also give my body the nutrients it needs to recover well.

What was your last solid workout? 

What's your favorite workout recovery meal? 

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