Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Running

So if you could care less, I'll chat with you later tonight/tomorrow :)

It's official: My little brother is 21! 

We had a great trip to Atlantic City to celebrate. The Bestie and I showed up around 10pm, and they upgraded us to a suite! Fun fact: If you arrive late, but have a room reserved, they may give you a suite that went unused that night. It helped that it was a Sunday, but still very exciting. And no, I did not offer my beautiful room to my brother and his friends. Sorry! 

That's all you're getting from AC. The next morning, I found a fun breakfast place around the corner from our hotel. Brunch is the most important meal of the day…

I spent my last night in town on the water. My hometown really is beautiful…

Rule: When you live at the ocean, eat fish tacos

I flew back to Columbus on Tuesday morning and snapped a pic of NYC below...

Till next time

Thank you, Runner's World Magazine for making me laugh the entire flight (I guess this post has something to do with running)...

Guilty of the "sprint-choke."

What did you do this weekend?

Are you guilty of the "sprint-choke" at aid stations?

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