Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Throwing Up Mid Run Is Normal & The Under Armour Ad

Monday's workout was a brutal reminder on why we run in the early hours or late hours of the day. I ran 4 miles around my neighborhood, but stopped at 1.69 miles…to throw up. For real. I felt so much better afterwards and finished my 40 minute run pain free. Sometimes you just have to throw up. 

My only concerns with my runs right now is that I'm going too fast. My half marathon goal pace is 9:09. This will allow me to finish in just under 2 hours - a 5 minute PR. Runner's World tweeted yesterday that 80% of our runs should be 60-90 seconds slower than goal pace. Most of my runs are right on goal pace, if not a tad faster. This leads me to believe I'm either running too fast or my goal pace is not aggressive enough. We'll see how my pace changes, improves, falls apart as my runs get a little longer, and whether I'll need to reevaluate. 

Avg Pace

I went to Target after work and bought new sandals (on sale!) for Europe. I like them a lot. 

I baked chicken for dinner and put it on top of a Trader Joe's Greek Salad (no dressing). It was the perfect summer meal…

And I just have to post the Under Armour ad everyone is talking about, including GMA this morning...

This ad speaks for itself, but I had actually read an article from Misty Copeland in Self Magazine a few months back. She spoke about her own challenges with body image and eating disorders. She really is such a strong, inspirational woman. Let's go into our days with the same determination as Misty. 

Do you run 80% of your runs slower than goal pace? 

Last Target purchase? 

What's one challenge you've overcome this year? 

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