Friday, August 15, 2014

Too Many Rest Days & Glow In The Dark Yoga!

TGIF, everyone! Just hanging out with my main squeeze on this cool morning…

I'm finally back into the swing of things. It only took 4 days. This week has not been my best week of running. I ran on Sunday and then took off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The funny thing about rest days is they can quickly become too restful when taken in a row. 

One rest day = necessary! 
Two rest days = You've recovered, go run! 
Three rest days = Your body has now forgotten what it feels like to move.

Three days off seems like a good idea in theory, but it made for a slog fest yesterday afternoon. Especially since I decided to get back to my hills. Ouch. 

6 miles fueled with raisins at mile 4 because I thought my legs were going to fall off. I am happy to say, I went slower out of necessity. I'm not nailing my splits quite yet, but I'm getting closer. Can you tell where the major hills were located? 

Splits: 9:50 (hill), 9:31(downhill), 9:42 (trail), 9:52 (trail), 9:44 (flat), 9:57 (hill). 

I bought a small water bottle for my longer runs, and I'm still getting used to it. I bought mine at my local running store, but you can easily buy one here. I wasn't loving the extra weight, but I think if I keep running with it, I won't be bothered as much going forward. The water bottle is easy to use, and I love the pouch that can hold fuel...

Another fun Target purchase thanks to Miles-Post. I heeded her advice and snagged the last tank top…

After work, my friends and I had a pre-yoga smoothie party. I've been wanting to hop on the smoothie train (my blender is all set up), so this was great motivation. I used half a cup of milk with all different kinds of fruit, and it was delicious! 

We then went to a Poga Columbus event in the Short North - "Glowga!" Glow sticks and yoga at night on High Street. It was a really cool event…

So many yogis


Yoga with friends

Happy Friday, everyone!

Do you run with a water bottle? 

Favorite smoothie? 

What's the coolest workout event you've been to?

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