Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Breaking In New Shoes & Back To Speed Work

Here I am again. Peets is definitely my new favorite coffee spot in town. Have I mentioned I hate my internet company? I guess there are worst ways to spend your day working. I ordered a lot of tea…

The other perk of the coffee shop is that my running store is about a minute down the street. I went there yesterday to donate a few pairs of old running shoes. FYI - if you weren't aware, this is a thing! Many races accept old shoes on race day as well. 

I couldn't leave the store without buying myself a little (okay, a big) something. I don't need shoes right now, but I will in October. I thought I would break these babies in early since they will be my Half race day shoes. And they WILL lead me to a PR. It's like Christmas morning...

I met my brother for dinner at Spagio. I was craving hummus, so we ordered that for an appetizer. I then ordered the nicoise salad. Do you notice how the salad is missing the tuna? I thought something was off, and the tuna came out 5 seconds after I snapped this picture. Oops. 

I gave speed work a try today, but since I haven't been to the track in a while, it was definitely a struggle. It's amazing how quickly we can lose fitness. I'm sure my 6 miles on hills and trails yesterday didn't help. I did have a negative split run though (not counting my cool down mile). Bright side….

Splits: 9:24, 9:13, 8:54, 8:34, 9:10

How long does it take you to break in a new pair of shoes? I'm usually good after a week of running. 

Do you donate old running shoes? 

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