Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites - Back to Yoga!

It's Friday - Hallelujah! Since I had a 10 day vacation and only had to work 4 days this week, I really have no right to be excited, but I am!

I haven't done Friday Favorites in a while, so here's a few things I've been loving lately…

Stella's New Spot - Stella girl missed me when I was gone, so she's been plopping right next to my work computer all day long for the past few days. It's cute. And a little sad…

Separation Anxiety

Trader Joe's pumpkin everything! - The cashier told me that TJ's will have approximately 71 pumpkin items this year! Most of it won't be in stock for another week or so, but I snagged the pumpkin bars. Happiness.

Anything lavender - I also grabbed this lavender soap bar at TJ's. Lavender is my favorite scent and is also a great calming remedy. Anxiety be gone. 

Running is a constant favorite. 4 miles on Thursday makes for a restful Friday…

Yoga! - I finally made it back to yoga. I had my first class at Go Yoga and really enjoyed it. It was a heated power class, so the temperature was turned up, but not that stifling Bikram heat (which I don't actually mind). It was a comfy 90 degrees - the perfect mix of challenging vinyassa and deep stretching…

Easy dinners - I bought a Greek salad from TJ's and baked some chicken…boom! Dinner is served. 

What are some of your Friday Favorites?

What's the easiest, healthiest dinner you make/eat?

Do you like heated yoga? 

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