Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm Back! My London/Paris Trip Recap

I'm baaaaack!!! So the thought of writing a post about my trip to London and Paris is a tad overwhelming, so let's just say it was great and move on? Or I'll post a bazillion pics below and you can just come back tomorrow for the usual "I went running" goodness. There are actually 26 photos in this post, which shows a ton a restraint. I took 529. Have a great Monday!

The flight to London was 7 1/2 hours and the return from France was 8:05. I watched a lot of movies…

Here's a very small taste of my trip...

Kensington Palace - Hi Will, Kate and baby George! 

I accidentally had a weird filter on this picture, but I thought it came out pretty cool...

Day 2 - Buckingham Palace

Big Ben, Parliament, The London Eye

High above London on the London Eye

the great halls of Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge

Christ Church in Oxford

I did workout on my trip. Once. My hotel gym in London had two bikes and one elliptical. I biked for 20 minutes and elliptical-ed for 40. We spent so much time walking - literally over 8 hours a day - that the only thing I missed was really upping my heart rate and getting in a good sweat session. The truth is my legs were too tired to do much more. So much for a needed break...

Obligatory London phone booth picture on the last day

The food in London was unlike anything I'd ever tasted or seen. It was that good. I'm so glad my friend is a foodie like me, because we tried everything!

The best Indian food I've ever had

Some Thai awesomeness

Pure Beet juice and a clean salad

We decided to really splurge on one great meal, so on day 4 we ate at Launceston Place near our hotel in Kensington. We ordered the 6 course tasting menu that came with paired wines. I have no words for this meal. It was just that good...

On Thursday, we made our way by train to Paris. 

First official Eiffel Tower sighting…I squealed

Arc De Triomphe

View from the top of the Arc

The Louvre

Just hanging with my friends Mona and Venus...

Notre Dame

Au Revoir, Paris

The food in Paris was amazing as well. I ate more sweets and bread than I have in my entire life. I'm telling you, if you need to carb load, go to France…

Decadent hot chocolate at Angelina's - that's me dipping my croissant in my chocolate. Yea, I have issues...

Dinner at a random cafe. I saw "saumon" on the menu and went for it. Best decision ever…

We also tried Lebanese as I had a huge falafel craving on our last day...

And the final meal. The French do fish well...

 Back to the normal tomorrow, folks! 

What have you all been up to the past 10 days?! 

Who has been to London and/or Paris? Favorite spots? 

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