Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Running Fitness After Breaks & National Yoga Month

Vacations are awesome. Getting back into your routine is sometimes just as great. After a whirlwind tour of London and Paris, I drove the 8 hours back to Columbus on Monday and finally got back into the swing run of things on Tuesday.

I woke up early and went for a 5 mile run before work. I haven't ran in 10 days, so I was just hoping to hit mile 4 without my legs falling off. I felt so great that I decided to keep going. It was one of those runs where you're loving every second of it. If I had one regret on my trip, it was that I didn't get out and run a little more. Walking was great, and we did walk A LOT, but there is something so wonderful about running that keeps us coming back for more.

Splits: 9:16, 9:02, 8:51, 8:53, 9:20 (Average: 9:04) 

There are lots of articles out there on how long it takes to lose your "running fitness." I found this one - after my 5 mile run, of course - that says there are two types of fitness - Endurance and Structural. While my endurance fitness probably stayed in tact, it's the structural fitness decline you have to look out for. If you're coming back from a long (7 days or longer) running break, you are in the injury danger zone. It's best to take it easy and slowly make your way to fighting form again. My little rule is if I took 10 days off, it's going to take me at least 10 days to return to hard workouts. I'll be doing the "run one day, cross train the next" thing for a little while. 

This is a random thought of the day, but I was watching the Hallmark Channel yesterday morning (yes, I watch I Love Lucy at 6am), and saw this pop up on the screen. When did we start skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving?? 

Countdown to Christmas?

I ate whatever I wanted on vacation and didn't think twice about it. But my body needed a break from the bread, macaroon, cheese, wine overload, so I'm trying to eat really healthy this week. Back to normal breakfasts that don't include two chocolate croissants...

In other fun fitness news, it's National Yoga Month! If interested, go to the Yoga Health Foundation website and see if any yoga studios in your area are participating. If they are, you can get a voucher for one free week of yoga! I finally joined Go Yoga here in Columbus, and they have a new member package for 2 weeks unlimited yoga for only $25. My plan is to use the package and when that runs out, use my free week voucher. It's good in September or October. Yoga on the cheap is how I do over here. 

That's a whole lot of yoga. My flexible body will thank me later…

I caught up with my family last night, and we did the usual talk and eat thing. That would be one million and one veggies topped with grilled chicken and a teeny scoop of rice…

How do you come back from a running break injury free? 

Who's joining me in celebrating National Yoga Month?

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