Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Easy Taper Workout & Snacking The Week Away

Happy 5 days till race day. Or as it's more commonly referred to, Tuesday. Monday was a rest day and my legs were feeling decent after Sunday's 11-miler. They still don't feel like I didn't run (my unrealistic ultimate goal), but they also didn't feel like I just ran a half marathon without training - remember when I did that? :))

Monday was a rest day and it was a boring one. I don't enjoy rest days at all. I know, I'm weird in the head but I really like sweating everyday, so Monday was eh. I did a little at home yoga to stretch out the legs, but that was it. I also took another epsom salt bath. I don't know how much good they do, but any reason to sit in hot water is a good one.

I haven't changed my diet too much yet. I'll start amping up the carbs on Thursday, but I did eat TJ frozen pizza Monday night. It's my new reduced guilty pleasure. Looks gross, tastes awesome...

At midnight Tuesday, Taylor Swift made me a very happy girl. She could write a song about a puddle and I would buy it...

I woke up and started my workout before sunrise on Tuesday morning. It would be more impressive if the sun didn't rise at 7:40 am. I miss the East Coast…

My workout today was a 30 minute run followed by one mile on the elliptical. It's an easy workout week, and I'm trying my hardest to keep it easy!

I let my brother borrow my car for a job interview and he came out of his apartment looking like this. He sure cleans up well…

I tried a new snack and it was a success. One cooked egg with a scoop of hummus. Yum. Yes, I do buy the family size hummus just for me. Doesn't everyone? 

I face-timed my main squeezes on Tuesday night. They are so excited to have me back in NJ soon. I just know they are…

I snacked a lot throughout the day, so Tuesday's dinner was shrimp and veggies….

What was your Tuesday workout? 

Have you tried eggs and hummus? 

How often do you talk to your friends who live far away? 

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