Monday, October 13, 2014

My Longest Training Run Ever & Taper Week!

Yesterday was the best training run I've ever had. Ever. I could go on for hours about how pleased I am with my body this training cycle, but I'll spare you all. I'll just say that I've trained so much smarter this time around, and I have nothing but excitement for next Sunday's race.

During all other previous training cycles, my longest has been ten miles, but I was feeling good on Saturday and decided to go just a little bit further. My legs felt great, and I had limited soreness. Even though I slowed down a little the second half of my run, I felt in control. If this is the result I get after 3 scoops of mashed potatoes and 2 slices of chocolate chip pumpkin bread the night before, I'm having the same meal next week!

Splits: 9:56, 9:36, 9:40, 9:48, 9:50, 9:44, 9:54, 10:09, 10:09, 10:04, 10:14

I set my Garmin to only show my heart rate so I could run based off effort and not pace. It worked well. My heart rate stayed between 155 and 160 beats per minute my entire run.

I used one chocolate GU packet at minute 50 during my run and then munched on a rice cake with PB, 1/4th a banana and coconut water post run…

And then I took another one of these. Ice baths are not fun, but my legs feel so much better afterwards...

I decided to give these fun little tuna lunch kits a try this week. The can of tuna has added things like vegetable oil, whereas I usually stick with the plain tuna and water, but it tasted fine. I probably won't buy these again, but it's fun to try different things. 

After a lot of running, my body is holding up pretty well. I usually bruise pretty easily after a run (if a doctor would like to tell me why, I'm all ears), but so far the only mark I've found is this little guy on my foot. Please tell me how I bust a vain on the top of my foot? 

I ended Sunday night with the Giants game (boo) and lots of stretching. I've made it to the taper week, and I plan to live it up! Stretch, eat, sleep, repeat! 

How was your run this weekend? 

What's your favorite part of tapering? I like the carb loading part. A lot. 

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