Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Training Break & A Few Holiday Favorites

I was playing around with my phone today and completely forgot I have an app counting down to my Marathon...

170 days sounds far off but it will be here before we know it. Right around the time I started panicking about how much training I have to do, Runner's World posted this article about the need for a training break. Runners need an "off season" just as much as any other athlete. I realized I haven't been giving myself the break my body is screaming for. And as the article points out, a break doesn't mean lying on the couch eating chocolate chips from a bag (get your life together, Kate!), but rather running a little less and adding new workouts to your routine. 

This morning I had personal training, and instead of running the 3 miles I had planned on the treadmill, I went on the StairMaster. I was running a little late on time, and the Stairs made me sweat, heave and ho just as well as my runs do. I don't start Marathon training until December 22nd, so I'm going to use the next 6 weeks or so to mix it up. More spin classes, weight training and maybe even a boot camp class. It's important to have fun with your workouts or you risk burning out. 

Since the holiday season is here (sorry "it's not December yet" folks), I made quite possibly my best Target purchase this year. ABC Family did not play a few of the claymation movies last year, so I'm making sure I have them at my disposal for daily viewing. And Charlie Brown is always a good idea... 

But tonight I'm watching the Rockettes on Netflix. I've seen The Radio City Christmas Spectacular show 5 times and it's one of my absolute favorite holiday things to do in NYC. If you're in town, go and see it! 

Who is in their running off season? What other workouts are you trying? 

What are some of your favorite holiday must sees/dos? The Rockettes, the Tree in Rock Center, baking cookies, and watching Elf are just a few! 

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