Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Friday-Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours

For the past two years or so, my family gets together for Thanksgiving on Friday. It just works best for us when people have to drive from faraway places and see the families of their significant others. So while the rest of the country was in a food coma on Friday, we feasted.

But before we could enjoy food, there was lots of work to be done. I started the day with a workout to help offset 1/15th of the calories I would consume for the day. 30 minutes on the StairMaster and 20 minutes on the Elliptical...

I then forced my parents to eat at my favorite breakfast spot - the Grand Day Cafe. They loved it just as I knew they would...

After breakfast, we spent a few hours packing up my apartment into the rented U-Haul truck. Moving is hard work. I cannot wait to be in my new apartment with all my furniture surrounding me again. Right now, we're living like this...

And dad and I were forced to drink our first glass of wine for the night like this. PS - that's my couch cushion bed next to him. Is it Sunday yet? :) 

After packing, we made it to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. We took the obligatory cousin picture...

And I also made sure to get a picture with my favorite people. Can you say Christmas card? 

The food. I mean, really what can I say. It was magical. 

And she never ate again, but lived happily ever after. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Now it's time to deck the hall :)

What was the best thing about Thanksgiving? Spending time with all my loved ones. 

How many times have you moved in your life? This will be #7...I think. 

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