Monday, November 17, 2014

Living Like A Pilgrim & The Running Topic Of The Week: Weekly Milage

I meant to write a post earlier today, but the lovely snow storm last night knocked out the power until 11am. Snow is nice. No power/no heat...not so much.

I did try to seize my no electricity status in the early hours of the morning. My coffee maker went off right before the power went out (Thank you, Jesus), so I drank hot coffee and ate a rice cake with PB and a little banana for a no-cooking required breakfast while doing a little reading by candlelight like a pilgrim...

I'm trying to get in my remaining personal training sessions before I move, so I booked a Sunday morning session. I was so close to skipping and heading back to bed, but I'm glad I made the effort. I arrived at the gym at 9:57 a.m, so I had time for a two minute warmup on the Elliptical. After my session (I did burpees with a box jump this time - getting stronger!), I finished with 33 minutes on the Elliptical while listening to the 3rd episode of Serial...

I was craving Panera after the gym, so I picked up my brother and we grabbed lunch there before I had to take him to the airport for a job interview in NYC today (Good luck!). He eats Panera 5 days a week, but I haven't had it in forever. The warm soup and fresh baguette made this cold a little more bearable... 

After my airport run, I went to TJ's for some necessities. Necessities include tasting these yummy gingerbread men cookies at the checkout counter...

My running topic of the week (maybe this will be a new thing?) is something that I do a lot of research on - weekly running milage. I found this article on Runner's World yesterday about the weekly milage ball park for whatever race you're training for - 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon. 

I do not run nearly as many miles/week as most "normal" runners. This is partly due to the fact that I'm terrified of getting injured and so I'm not pushing as hard as I can, and the other part is that (I feel) my body can only handle so many miles. I ran a pretty solid Half Marathon in October, yet my highest milage week in training was 25 miles. The article recommends mere mortals run 30-40 miles when training for a Half and 30-50 when training for a Full Marathon. 

My goal in the next few months is to make my way to 30 miles and stay there until I feel I can handle more. If I never feel that way, I will stick with 30 for the duration of my training. I'll be sure to keep rule #6 in my brain at all times..."High milage totals do you no good if they put you on the sideline instead of the starting line." 

Have a great week, friends!

What's your favorite holiday cookie? I honestly love them all. Maybe warm sugar cookies in the shapes of Santa with icing? 

How many miles do you run per week? 

Do you have any fitness goals for this week? I'm working on upping my milage. 

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