Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A New York City Christmas & Lots Of Yoga

Is anyone else LOVING how every media outlet keeps reminding us how many shopping days are left till Christmas Eve. It's 6 if you haven't been counting. Panic commence.

I took in two days the amount of yoga classes I took in 16 months in Columbus. I went back to my Monday night class and it felt like I was never gone. Well, as far as the instructor and classmates were concerned. My body, not so much. I was a wee bit more flexible a year and half ago. 2015 goal: DO MORE YOGA.

I then met my friend on Tuesday for yoga round two. I felt like one giant pretzel by the end, but my glute/hamstring pain is subsiding, so I'm going to thank Yoga for that.

On Wednesday morning, I was at the gym early for a 30 minute run with a 12 minute elliptical warm up...

My commute lately has been awesome since everyone and their mom/dad/grandma/cousin/dog walker is heading to NYC for the holidays. At least I have a job to commute to :) #brightside

My office has been sharing lots of holiday goodies lately. My taste buds are thrilled; my tummy...not so much...

I make sure to visit the NYC holiday decorations every year, so on Wednesday after work I walked to Bryant Park and then on to the Rockefeller Center area. The temperature was in the high 40's and perfect for a little night stroll. 

Happy Hanukkah from the Empire State building...

And a very merry New York City Christmas, everyone! 

Bryant Park

The windows at Saks Fifth Avenue

And one selfie from yours truly...

Are you a fan of yoga? 

Have you been to NYC during the holiday season?

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