Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Surprise Shower & A Couple Of Runs

Happy Sunday, friends! This past week/month as been a whirlwind. We hosted a surprise bridal shower for the Bestie yesterday, and it was such a success! It's almost impossible to surprise her, so when we realized she had no idea the shower was yesterday, we were so excited.

First though, a couple of workout mentions. I worked from home on Friday and decided to see the distance from my apartment to the gym/track (they're across the street from each other). It was 1 mile exactly, which makes for a very easy gym warm-up/cool down when the weather's nicer. I ran to the track, circled around a few times and ran back home for a quick 30 minute run. I then did some weights as I've been majorly slacking on any cross training...

I decided to wear my little SPIBelt for my keys, and love love love how it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything. It sits nicely on my hips and doesn't move when I run which is another huge bonus.  I bought mine at a race expo, but you can find them here. 

Later on Friday, my fellow Maid of Honor came over and we decorated the cupcakes I had baked earlier. The Bride loves Funfetti, and the bride gets what the bride wants...

And thank you, Pinterest. Our dress creation came out great! 

I went on another run Saturday morning, but it had to be shorter since we were setting up for the shower at noon. I found nearby Thompson Park with a 4.XX loop. I absolutely loved it there. I ran by cornfields, a lake and there were tons of hills. Marathon training here I come. I ran the loop once...

The shower was so much fun. It was great to meet people I hadn't met before and to have all the ladies in the same room for a few hours. M received so many great gifts and the afternoon was perfect in every way. Less than four weeks till the wedding day! 

Later on Saturday night, M and I went to The Spot where I devoured this turkey burger with mozzarella and sweet potato fries. Turns out surprise parties make you hungry. And sleepy. 

Have a great start to your week! 

Have you ever been to a surprise party? 

Where is the last place you ran? 

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