Friday, December 26, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas From Me To You!

I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones and yummy treats! I'm not sure if it's getting older or what, but I'm a little happy the holiday is over. Time to exhale :)

Let's rewind to Christmas Eve. I planned on running the next couple of days, so Christmas Eve's workout was a cross training session. 30 minutes on the StairMaster, 20 minutes on the Elliptical, some time with the free weights.

After work, I made my way down to my parents. I always spend Christmas Eve at my childhood home. It's a fun little tradition that I hope sticks around for a while. It's so much better to wake up on Christmas morning surrounded by family. I noticed in the car that it was almost 60 degrees out! If it can't be a white Christmas, I'll take a warm one...

We had a little wine and watched some of Home Alone before heading out to my aunt's for Christmas Eve dinner. 

Christmas Eve with some cousins before heading to Church. Also, I'm 5'8. I have some tall boys in my family...

One of my favorite pictures of the season with dad. I told him to smile! 

Christmas morning was wonderful. The older we get, the more relaxed the morning is, which I love! My parents and I woke up early and drank coffee while my brother slept for two more hours... 

Christmas is the one day of the year I forgo my normal oatmeal breakfast. Trader Joe's chocolate chip pumpkin bread instead...

After opening our wonderful presents, I went for a run. The weather was so great I was able to wear shorts (my attempt to show you is below in that big forehead shot :)). I'll take this all winter, please. 

40 minutes of running. The wind was roaring, so I was VERY pleased with my pace. Marathon training starts a week from Monday! 

After my run, I ran home to snuggle Stella/shower/change. I then arrived back and started cooking my Christmas dinner. But not before taking a quick pic with the Bestie in front of the tree. 10 + years of Christmases. Crazy. 

And a few hours later, dinner was served. This is my third Christmas cooking for my family. I think I just about have it down...

Dessert. Now it's time to start the two weeks till wedding day detox! 

One more picture from our family to yours. My partner in crime for 21 years... 

I ended my Christmas by watching the Frozen sing-a-long dvd. Do my people know what I like or what?! 

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? 

What was the best thing you ate? Sweet potato casserole is my favorite thing. 

How did you sweat on Christmas? 

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