Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Desk Workouts & Victoria Secret Motivation

Happy Wednesday friends! I'm posting this at 4:30am east coast time. For real. I'm not entirely sure I'm alive.

It's been a very rainy/gloomy few days, but I had my Dunkin to keep me happy. Hello from New York...

I mentioned the other day how I bring tons of food to get me through the day. Here's a peek at the normal work day. There's definitely some planning ahead, but not much. I started making oatmeal in the morning and bringing it to work in tupperware. It has worked great! 

When I used to work in the office, I was made fun of for creating a makeshift standing desk. Well, I've struck again. I cannot sit all day. The main reason is you basically take time off your life with each hour you're sitting. The other is my legs and booty start to hurt. Standing is the only way I'm comfortable. PS, I also stand on the 35 minute train ride to and from the city. 

Please ignore my cubical as we're renovating my office for the next 6 months. We'll have mechanical standing desks in June! 

Since my workouts haven't been normal as I'm adjusting to my new routine, I have been searching for desk workouts to help me feel somewhat productive throughout the day. I found this great workout the founder of Barre3 (my favorite Barre workout!) created that we can all do right at our desks, and it's only 5 minutes long! Enjoy! 

I met my friend for dinner in my new town. It only took about a week, but I feel settled and love it here once again. It helps that everything is so festive...

We ate at the new Robinson Ale House. It only opened on Thursday, but it was fantastic! We split oysters as an appetizer, and I ordered the salmon with lots of veggies for dinner. Afterwards, we split a flourless chocolate torte. So yum. NJ friends - go here now. It's great! 

That dessert and wine went really well with the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night. I'm now super motivated for my gym workout :) 

Do you have any desk workout ideas? Please share! 

Did you watch the fashion show? 

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