Monday, December 22, 2014

Get Lost In The Woods Then Eat Lots Of Cookies

After too many days of being busy and not sweating nearly enough, I went for an hour run on Sunday and it was glorious. It was one of those runs where I honestly felt like I could go forever, and I haven't had one of those runs in a VERY long time. There was nothing I needed more right before Marathon training than Sunday's run.

Fun fact of the run. I got legit lost in the woods. For a long time. I took a trail that never seemed to end and when I finally came out of it, I was near a service road. Luckily two runners were going back the way I came and I decided to follow them to the paved running paths. It's all part of the running adventure :) 

Below is my Garmin's map. I was supposed to take one large loop around the park, but apparently took a small detour? All I know is I started singing, "Am I out of the woods yet?" over and over again. 

Splits: 9:11, 9:22, 9:47 (I think I'm lost), 9:56 (I'm really lost), 9:13, 9:20

After my run, I bought a few last minute food items and got ready for my cookie exchange/apartment warming party. I decided to stretch out before my friends arrived. Stella and I enjoy doing yoga together. This is our cat/crow pose...

The lunch spread for the party. Cheese, crackers and fruit are always a good idea... 

And then we ate our weight in cookies. My friends are amazing bakers! 

I tried to keep it a wee bit healthier for dinner, so I had a plate full of TJ goodies. Grilled chicken, two pieces of brown rice sushi (I'm loving this lately!), a quarter of a hummus wrap and cooked veggies... 

Have you ever gotten lost on a run? 

Best thing you ate this weekend? Cookies!

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