Monday, December 29, 2014

One Week Till Marathon Training & One Of My Favorite Presents

Happy "it's another short work week!," everyone. 2015 is quickly approaching, and I'm doing a little reflection on 2014. It's been a great year, but I think 2015 may just be the best one yet. And I'm so excited for it to arrive.

One little week until Marathon training begins! I'm going to embrace my last week of doing whatever I please workout wise.

Sunday's run was 5.2 ish miles along the trails. My goal was to have fun with my run, so I took a new route through the woods that I hadn't tried before. I couldn't help thinking over and over, "brown bears aren't native to this area, right??" I love the woods, the mud, the trees, the fresh air. I do not love whatever may be lurking behind the trees ready to pounce.

After my run, I met my friend for brunch at Talulas in Asbury Park. She knows me so well that the minute the menu was presented she told me I would order the porridge. (I ate porridge for breakfast every morning in England). And right she was. Brown rice porridge with coconut milk, vanilla bean, cranberry jam and almonds. It was awesome... 

She then gave me one of my favorite presents of the season! 

Later on, my dad asked how my night was. I responded with "riveting" and sent him this pic. Perfect Sunday night... 

I also snacked on dark chocolate and blueberries because apparently I need to eat all the superfoods at one time. This picture is reason #367 of why I'm not a food blogger... 

I was putting away Christmas presents on Monday morning and realized this lovely Magic Bullet I received has the ING NYC Marathon logo all over it. Let's hope that's a positive marathon sign! 

I worked most of Monday and went to the gym for a little cross training followed by my favorite yoga class. I have seen such a difference in my running just by adding in more stairs and more stretching... 

32 minutes on the StairMaster...

And tonight I'm doing some light reading. My dad is a huge fan of Hemingway, so I'm giving him another try. A Farewell To Arms didn't go so well back in High School :) 

Do you prefer trails to roads? 

What are you currently reading? 

Best thing you ate this weekend? 

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