Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sometimes No Workouts Are A-Ok & Some More Weekly Happenings

So who else had the craziest week of their year? My workouts this week were basically nonexistent as work/Christmas shopping/Bestie's wedding planning/my own apartment warming planning came first. And I'm slightly okay with it. Marathon training starts in two short weeks (!), so I think a little calm before the storm is alright.

With that said, working out makes me happy, so I really have to make sure to get in my sweat sessions this week even when life gets crazy. Your health and happiness should always come first. I realized if someone likes me who actually enjoys the gym/working out can have trouble fitting it in, imagine the tough time people with kids and those who aren't a fan of sweating have this time of year. Just do it! I promise you'll feel better.

Okay, PSA over. A little recap of the past week with almost no mention of exercise :)

It's A Wonderful Life played on repeat during my work holiday party Thursday night. Best thing ever...

My view of the Freedom tower leaving Jersey City the other night when I drove closer to work instead of taking my normal train... 

A new to me Quest flavor that was oh so good...

Roll, roll, roll. PS, where the roller is position is the most tender part of my body right now. If any doctors want to diagnose me, I'm all ears! 

Sitting in traffic on the way to the mall is 100 times better with Pentatonix tunes... 

A little sneak peek at the goodies my guests will receive today at my cookie exchange apartment warming! 

The Bestie, the boyfriend, and the two Maid of Honors went wedding band shopping Saturday. So weird. So exciting! Less than three weeks! 

I had a family friend holiday party last night so I went with all red everything. This exact outfit may make another appearance on Christmas Eve :) 

Family friends since 1995 (PS that's 20 years next year!). Don't ask me why the picture is orange. 

Tell me all about your workouts!

Who had a holiday party this weekend? 

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