Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Small Training Setback & Wake Up Motivation

So this week sort of came and went! Sorry I was MIA, friends, but it's been a little nutso around here. After this weekend, my life is going to be really really boring.

So first things first, 2 days till the Bestie's wedding!!! Tonight we're making an airport run, and tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner. I'm sure the next 48 hours are going to FLY by!

The first week of Marathon training has come and is almost gone. It's been okay. If you've been reading for a while, you know I have a very stubborn IT band that likes to tighten at really inopportune moments. Like right before Marathon training. After my 9 miler last weekend, my left hip/quad/leg/toe started aching. It doesn't help that I've been running around like a maniac so stretching and strength training have been the first things to go after my runs. I cross trained yesterday and will do so again today, and I've been foam rolling like crazy. Fingers crossed by next week, I'll be back to the grind. I didn't have time to run 10 miles this weekend, anyway :)

A little recap on the week's workouts...

*Monday's workout was 10 minutes on the Stairs before yoga. Yoga makes everything better.

*Tuesday morning was an early morning 4 mile treadmill run. I have a new alarm system to ensure I wake up early enough. One of these should do the trick. After this weekend, I'll need a new 4:50 am motivator. The VS fashion show?

My left leg was hurting real good after my run, which is what made me hit the pause button on running for a few days. My treadmill never showed me my final numbers, so I couldn't snap a pic of my run. It made me wonder, if you don't take a picture of your workout, did you even go running :)

*Wednesday was a cross training session after work. 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stairs followed by some strength training. I don't love working out later in the day, but I always have the most time to dedicate to cardio/strength training/stretching...

In other news, I was reading January's Runner's World and saw the NJ Marathon listed in the 'Your Perfect Marathon" article...

I've brought the podcast Serial back into my life while cross training. I usually LOVE the latest trends that everyone else loves, but I got a little bored with this podcast and took a break a couple of months ago. I'm back at it now, no worries... 

And lastly, it's a little chilly out there. Living in Ohio made me pretty tough in the cold, but no one likes to see 9. Stay warm, friends... 

I'm hoping to publish a post tomorrow, but no guarantees, so if we don't chat again until Sunday, have a great weekend of running, eating, and get some extra sleep for me please :)

How is your running this week? 

What's the temperature where you live? 

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