Monday, January 19, 2015

Cross Training Done Right & Some Speed Work

I haven't done any spinning since I've been back in NJ, so on Sunday, I went on the Spin bike for some post long run cross training. I missed it so much. I had no plan, so I just went with the beat of each song and had a killer workout. Lots of resistance and climbing, but my legs thanked me for the low impact activity. After spinning, I did some much needed strength training. I need to have more hour long cross training workouts. I get so much done.

I went back to an old classic lunch from my Columbus days. Tuna on ezekiel bread with beets, an apple and some green tea. Yum...

I found a new favorite nail polish color. I know it's not the season for pastels, but this color makes me happy. Lapiz of Luxury... 

On Monday, I woke up early and did some speed work at the track. My left hip is finally feeling better, so I pushed outside my comfort zone for a little while. I thought my lungs were going to explode, but that's all part of the fun, right? 

Splits: 9:14, 8:18, 8:22, 8:44

Just Do It

After running some errands, I made a final stop at TJ's and bought some of my favorite things. I'm attempting to not eat as much meat for a little while, so I'm bringing tofu back into my life. Tofu is tasteless. It absorbs whatever flavors you eat it with, so give it a try! I promise it's not as scary as people think it is. Disclaimer: I'm still trying to get my dad to try it. I've been very unsuccessful for many years...

Monday night's dinner was two itty bitty sweet potatoes (I'm counting them as one), with a TJ greek salad and some shrimp...

And in just for fun news, I read this article that says you can prevent weight gain if you eat within a 12 hour period per day, even if you cheat a little here and there. I gave myself a cut off of 9pm on weekdays once upon a time (I think it was in a Jillian Michaels book), and I stick to it on most days. The only issue I have with this study is your 12 hours begins with your first cup of coffee. I sometimes have coffee at 4:45am before the gym, and I eat food after the gym at 6:30am. It's just not feasible for me to stop all food between 5 and 6pm at night, but it's still an interesting read. 

Thoughts on the mentioned article? 

Did you have off on Monday? Do anything fun? 

What's your favorite cross training activity? Spin! 

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