Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never Have I Ever: Workout Edition #3 & Week Four Of Marathon Training Recap

Happy SuperBowl Sunday! I could care less about either team playing, so I'm just excited for the Katy Perry concert tonight. 

It's been a busy end of January, so let's chat about some workouts first. On Thursday, I ran my last short run of the week. 3 treadmill miles followed by some weight training...

I used to chat about how my old gym was always a ghost town and I had the treadmills all to myself. Well, not anymore. This place is hopping at all hours of the day...

My snack of choice lately is lots and lots of berries and rice cakes with PB... 

On Friday, I did a cross training workout. My plan was to go on the StairMaster, but the three machines never opened up, so I stayed on the Elliptical for 41 minutes. Afterwards, I did some kettle bell work and jumped rope. I forgot how much fun jumping rope is and how winded I get afterwards! Definitely adding that to the weekly routine...

On Friday night, I saw Game of Thrones in IMAX. They were playing the last two episodes of season 4. It was awesome on the large screen...

On Saturday, I woke up to a very chilly morning. I have a "no running in temperatures less than 20 degrees" rule, and the wind chill said -3, so I went to the gym to attempt 9 miles on the treadmill. I have never in my life ran more than 1 hour on a treadmill. And that was a looooong time ago. In the past 2 years, I have never ran more than 53 minutes on the treadmill (yes, I remember the time :)). 

The only perk was I got to wear shorts and a tank top and pretend it was summer outside...

So 9 miles was rough, but I kept it really slow and I did it. I stopped to walk to refuel from minutes 45-47, refueled again at minutes 70-72, and once more at minute 81-82. Five minutes of walking/87 minutes of running/9 miles. I then did 7 minutes of ab work. For a first try, I'll take it! I really hope that Groundhog sees or doesn't see whatever he needs to see/not see for Spring to come early :) 

Here's the quick recap of week four of marathon training: 

Sunday: Spin - 47 mins; Monday: 5 treadmill miles; Tuesday: Rest; Wednesday: 3 treadmill miles; Thursday: 3 treadmill miles; Friday: Cross training; Saturday 9 treadmill miles.

Later on Saturday, my family had a "time capsule" party where we went through all my Great Aunt's photo albums. I spent hours pouring through family photos and eating the best Kabassi. 

Here's just one of the thousand gems I found. This is my Grandmother back in her school girl days. 

Have a great Sunday, everyone! 

Who are you routing for tonight? If I haaaaaave to choose, Seattle? I think? I'm really unhappy about this match up. 

Longest you've ever ran on a treadmill? 

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