Sunday, February 8, 2015

Proudest Run Yet & Girls Night!

Annnnnnnd tomorrow's Monday. Oh and an ice storm is coming, so that's fun. The Bestie got her pictures from the wedding. All 4,000 of them. Below are two of my absolute favorites.

There was so much craziness going on that day, so I was so happy this one moment was captured in time. Prettiest bride in the world...

And this one is just too perfect. I was walking down the aisle and my parents both had these amazing smiles on their faces. I guess they love me :) 

Friday was a rest day, so I spent the day eating lots of food for my long run on Saturday. This is definitely my favorite part of Marathon training. Carb loading once a week sounds good to me! Sushi has always been a great pre-race/long run meal for me. I think the rice helps my body store all that glycogen I need to run... 

I ended the night by being real wild and pairing coconut milk chocolate ice cream with frozen blueberries. It was delicious! 

Ice cream + pre run icing = perfect Friday night 

On Saturday morning, it was go time. I had all my pre and post running fuel ready to go and headed out to the park. 

Fun fact. They DO NOT clear the paths at the Park after it snows. I drove to the park and this was the condition of the running path... 

I wasn't lasting 12 feet never mind 12 miles on the ice, so I hopped back in the car to my apartment and decided to run the streets. 12 miles/2 hours later, I was done! 

This was a super proud moment for me, because not only did I run the farthest I've ever gone in training (I've only ever ran 10 miles in training, then 13.1 in races), but I ran an average pace of sub 10 minute miles. I would have been happy with a 10:09 average (one minute slower than my goal marathon pace), so sub 10 is awesome. 

After running, I was famished, so I ate everything in my apartment lunch. A TJ broccoli slaw with chicken salad and chicken noodle soup...

Stella attempted to take some of my lunch. Hasn't she heard what happens when you try to steal a runner's lunch post long run? 

I had a little sleepover with my Besties (Bride + MOH partner in crime) on Saturday night. I like playing hostess...

We snacked, then went to a new to me restaurant within walking distance to my apartment. It was 35 degrees last night and felt like summer. I ordered the Branzino and the waitress asked if I wanted the head on. Um, no. But such a great meal! 

And then the bride twisted our arms to order the $14 dessert. What the newlywed wants, the newlywed gets...

Now I'm enjoying the Grammy Awards. Have a great start to your week, everyone! 

How far did you run this weekend? 

Best thing you ate? Saturday night's dessert! 

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